Process Mining Camp 2022: GSK

The week of this year’s Process Mining Camp has come! On Wednesday, we will all get together in Eindhoven for the twelfth time. We started sharing the recordings from last year’s camp with you. Watch the talks of Machteld and Marianne from the Dutch Police, Sjoerd from AGCO Finance, Beth from CorVel, and Robin from VolkerWessels Telecom if you have not seen them yet.

The last speakers at Process Mining Camp 2022 were Maxime Parres-Albert and Maxime Brochier from GSK Biologicals in Belgium. Watch Maxime’s and Maxime’s talk to see how they improved the speed of the HBSM process for clinical trials of new vaccines using process mining.

Analyzing the Human Biological Sample Management process for clinical trials

In the clinical trial phase of a new medicine or vaccine, blood samples and other samples are collected from the people participating in the clinical trial. Overall, GSK manages millions of samples that go through hundreds of process steps in its Human Biological Sample Management (HBSM) process. It is vital to complete the HBSM process as quickly as possible while maintaining quality requirements.

Maxime Parres-Albert is a senior tech engineer, and Maxime Brochier is a business innovation lead at GSK. Using process mining on clinical operations data, they were able to improve the HBSM process and identify bottlenecks and best practices. For example, clinical test results can now be released faster. They also showed the complex data transformations that they had to perform to get the data in the right shape and shared their change management approach.

Process Mining Camp 2023 takes place on 21 June in Eindhoven and we have a fantastic program for you. This is your last chance if you have not signed up yet to get your ticket here!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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