Disco 3.2

Software Update

We are happy to announce the release of Disco 3.2.

This update is all about making what’s good about Disco even better, most notably importing data. Disco will now support an even wider array of timestamp formats, in both CSV and XES imports. And you can now directly import Excel spreadsheets of unlimited size.

We have updated the graph layout and runtime for Disco, to make sure you get the best performance and the latest security fixes 1. This update also improves the general performance and stability of Disco, and we have fixed a number of bugs and annoyances.

Thanks for all your ideas, and your bug reports. Keep them coming and, as always, thank you for using Disco!

How to update

As with every update, this release also contains a number of smaller enhancements and fixes. We recommend that you update to the latest version of Disco at your earliest convenience.

Disco will automatically download and install this update the next time you run it, if you are connected to the internet.

If you prefer to install this update of Disco manually, you can download and run the updated installer packages from fluxicon.com/disco/download


  • CSV Import:
    • Improved parsing timestamps with sub-millisecond precision and time zones.
    • Give more specific feedback on import problems.
  • Excel Import: Load event logs from XLSX files of arbitrary size.
  • XES Import: Parse timestamps with sub-millisecond precision.
  • MXML Import: Parse timestamps with sub-millisecond precision.
  • Process Map: Improved performance and stability of graph layout.
  • Connection: Improved proxy configuration.
  • Platform: Java update.

  1. You need to download and install this update manually to make sure you get the latest version of the Java runtime and graph layout. ↩︎

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

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Christian creates software which is easy to use, performs great, and is easy on the eyes. He also handles most things design or AV around Fluxicon.